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demand. >> more likely the defense minister. >> i thought in the closing ceremonies there was even the flash of russian with that i love, see them making fun of themselves with the system ring not opening. that was a kind of showbiz moment of irony that was nice. told the story. there was a narrative in the opening ceremony. part of my job, sitting in between matt lauer and meredith vieira. some people thought i was debbie downer. here comes the march persians of 1937. there was an attempt, however macy'sque du soleil, day thanksgiving parade in terms to show the best face forward even historically. centuries afor legacy of rivers, blood, oppression, but part of his of theatism and building state is to reassert a different history, a glorious history. wonderful future. >> and to toboggan right past the unpleasantness because he feels we have heard that in the west has been dancing in the end zone about its victory in the cold war and the turmoil of russian history. >> it was the latest geostrategic tragedy of the century. >> what are we experiencing in the ukraine? >> this is anoth
were in high, high -- >> more likely, they had the defense ministry. >> and the army, too. and i thought in the closing ceremonies, there was even a flash of the kind of russian wit that i love. to see them making fun of themselves with the fifth ring not opening. >> rose: oh, yeah. >> i thought that was a kind of show biz moment of irony that was nice. but them the real world reasserts itself. >> rose: and they told a story. there was a narrative in the opening ceremony. >> they did. and i think that was part of my job sitting in between matt lauer and meredith viera to-- i guess, you know, some people thought i was debbie downer-- "here comes the marching persians of 1937." but more seriously, there was an attempt -- >> here comes a guy who has actually lived in russia. >> but there was an attempt, however much a cirque du soleil kind of macy's thanksgiving day parade terms, to show the best face forward, even historically. russian history is-- has been for centuries a legacy of-- in many ways of rivers of blood and oppression and-- but part of putin's cashatism and his buildin
the russian troops adopted what they would see entirely as defensive positions and having their photographs taken with pro-russian local and smoking cigarettes in many places and have not had clips loaded on their guns and they have been, i think, at pains to point out they don't want to be seen as an aggressive force equally. by the same token the body language and symbolism from the ukraine troops this morning was equally passive and one was a soviet flag from the second world war saying they fought against fascism but are no longer but carried a ukraine flag and the implication of that is they want to be see potentially being on the russian side but won't surrender and will not swear allegiance to the flag and there is not resistance going on but a sense of defiance as well. >> reporter: lawrence, thanks for keeping us up to date with the events in crimea and we will keep a close eye on things there. russia appears to be moving more military assets to the region and russian war ships passed through in istambul and saying they may go to ukraine and they are in ukraine by a lesser sense o
defense minister will run in the upcoming presidential elections. joining me now is david kirkpatrick, the cairo bureau chief of the new york times. he wrote in investigative report on the benghazi attacks. i am pleased to have david kirkpatrick back at this table. welcome. >> it is good to be here. >> wherever it is now, you are watching it on old. there is change in the region. >> i am probably the luckiest journalist in america. i was in the right place at the right time. i was in tunisia on the eve of their revolution. then i was in the via four months. it has been breathtaking. >> where's egypt today? >> it is very hard to know. mentioned, the field marshal is likely to become the next president. he hosted the first democratically elected president. he was embraced as a hero by a lot of the public. they are growing impatient with si government. he was promising stability. right now, i think that promise looks very remote. of the factors that contributed to the original uprising are economic stagnation, a lack of opportunity, an overwhelming youthful population. something like 70%
by pro-russian forces. if you are referring to the self-defense forces, we don't have any power over them, they don't cake our orders. however, the russian military are in their deployment places and some special alert and control measures have been taken over the whole black sea fleet. that being said, we do do anything to prevent bloodshed. >> reporter: this is a chance not only for the west to talk directly to the russians, but also for the ukrainians to do so. >> we're doing everything to bring russia and ukraine in to direct contact with each other and make sure the governments are talking to each other, which the russians have not been willing to do at a senior level in recent days. >> reporter: all of this suggest there is a willingness for dialogue. russia considers the new russia in kiev ill legitimate, the southwest going out of its way to help that government. >> the package combined could bring an overall support of at least 11 billion euros over the next couple of years from european budget and the financial institutions. it is designed to assist the new ukrainian government.
by russia's defense minister who said it has nothing to do with ukraine. it's russia's forces going through an u unannounced test, basically making sure that the army, the navy, and the air force can react to any perceived threats as quickly as they should be able to. now they did say that the black sea fleet, which is based in crimea in ukraine is being adequately protected, and the fleet is being bumped up a bit, which is probably what you would expect for any country with overseas military assets near a country going through a revolution at the moment. although they have said that the military drills have nothing to do with what is going on in ukraine, there are probably people who are very high up in the defense ministry and russian government as well who are thinking that reminding russia's neighbors and it's rivals of russian military might at a time when it's influence in central and eastern europe has taken a big dent recently is certainly no bad to do from a russian geopolitical perspective. >> getlet's go to tim friend who has the latest from kiev. we understand that it's a novel
's defense ministry, is part of the military drills that were began yesterday. nothing to do with what is going on in ukraine, according to the russian government. that is clearly not believed by the ukrainian interim government, which is concerned about the penalty of russian aggression. so concerned that it has warned russia that a movement of its fleet, based in crimea, would be seen by the ukrainian interim government as a sign of aggression, and the ukrainian foreign ministry summoned the russian-charged affair for immediate emergency consultation. russia at the moment does not have an ambassador in kiev because he was recalled to moscow. this is a signal of how tense things are at the moment. >> it must be tense because, as we well know, ukraine is absolutely vital to president putin - not just historically, but geopolitically as well. how does moscow regard what is happening in ukraine now, and keeping a close eye on crimea? >> yes, well it's not just the geopolitical importance of ukraine to russia that matters, it's the emotional importance. we have spoken to russians on the s
and then are probably between the so called self defense class events in the outdoors ukrainian troops the remaining ukrainian troops still haven't stuffed with allegiance to two local authorities. i need for there are reports of shots being fired in the air had any shots herself on the area seem to be safe. well the city is completely safe with our innocence of a knowledge capital of crimea also in sanaa spoke with the wishes of the largest and second largest seaport of the ukraine in general which is pretty crummy there but there was this one incident when tensions role was in between one of those self defense wants it to the boarding one of the airports in the crimea and fifty ukrainian troops along with the officers and representatives of the media were actually broadcasting the fourth choice in life the morris wants you to self defense was trying to enter this airport until they get fired warning shots into the air. asking and asking the troops to stop at the window as we heard on the deal which was broadcast live. some of the people and that's the route were trying to provoke of. the this offe
- china ramps up defense spending as the united states cuts back. >>> three of al jazeera's journalists detained in an egyptian prison make their second court appearance in a few hours. >>> and still looking over venezuela a near after his death - hugo chavez remains part of every day life. [ ♪ music ] >>> hello. world powers usually preoccupied with syria are rapidly flying diplomats around the globe to get to grips with ukraine. the united states and europe have been slated against russia. john kerry and sergei lavrov are due to meet in paris. they are meant to talk about syria, but no doubt ukraine will fig fighture. ukrainian soldiers, meanwhile, have been, in some says forced to choose sides. jennifer glasse reports from sevastopol. >> if there's somewhere where the russians have full control, it's here at sevastopol. ships of the black sea fleet halt all traffic, draining all life from this otherwise thriving port. if the russian's intentions is to take over ukrainian military instillations, it is not over yet. ukrainian servicemen refuse to yield to the russian show of force.
from the head of defense committee who said that the defense committee looked into it, and they unanimously approve the action. there was the head of the foreign affairs committee also saying that they had looked into it, and they were unanimously approving what the president was asking for. we have the deputy speaker of the upper chamber. they were saying there were militants from maidan who were trained in poland and lithuania, and they also called for the russian ambassador from the u.s. to be recalled. they said that yanukovych was still the legitimate head of the ukraine. so the message is absolutely the same from everyone who is speaking at the moment. the vote has not happened yet. we don't know quite how it's going to take, so we will be watching. >> errorrory, it does sound like steps are being taken for some sort of intervention. does it mean that troops will be going into crimea? >> reporter: well, we don't know exactly what it means. the proposal is quite vague. it didn't even specify crimea. it said that military involvement could take place in ukraine. so
loyalties to the west and loyalties to russia. our defense secretary chuck hagel urging russia to act cautiously, that the u.s. strongly supports ukraine's territorial integrity. we'll watch the story. jon: new he will developments in the social eight murder trial. pamela phillips charged with a plotting a car bombing that killed her husband. coming up, an emotional breakdown in court. >>> remember the anti-muslim filmed once blamed for the deadly terror attacks in benghazi, sparking them? a judge orders them pulled from the internet. the stunning reason why. jenna: welcome back, everyone. a federal appeals court ordering youtube to take down a film from its website over a copyright complaint. it is not just any film. it is the same film the white house originally blamed for sparking the deadly attack on our consulate in benghazi. william la jeunesse live in our l.a. newsroom with more on this. william? >> reporter: jenna, of course that claim by the white house was untrue but now the film president obama wanted off the internet is gone. not because it is anti-muslim but because it vi
violence. >> translator: if you are talking about self defense of the cry crimean people, we haven't given them orders. there were special measures taking to the hinderland. as our president said, we will do everything we can to present any blood shed. >> as we mentioned, the world's top diplomats are meeting in paris. it was scheduled to discuss syria but u ukraine discussion is to be high. our diplomatic editor looks at how one crisis is affecting the other. >> the ongoing battles in syria are more than a thousand kilometers away from ukraine. the crisis in crimea may have a real impact. the international community has given this man the job of trying to find peace in syria, but talks convened by veteran peacemaker have achieved nothing. getting both sides back around the table and persuading them, and in particular, the syrian government, to negotiate properly requires pressure from the u.s. and russia working together. that the doesn't look like it will happen. just like the peace talks, the deal to remove syria's chemical weapons was done by us secretary of state, john kerry a
minister on tuesday. it's widely believed the current defense minister will run in the upcoming presidential elections. joining me now is david kirkpatrick. he is the cairo bureau chief of the "new york times." he wrote an in-depth investigative report on the ben gauzy attacks when christopher stevens was killed in september 2012. i'm pleased to have david kirkpatrick back at this table. welcome. >> it's good to be here. >> rose: you have been there and watched the arab spring wherever it is now unfold changing a region. >> yes i i was in egypt in time for the revolution there, i was there when khadafy fell. it's been breathtaking. >> rose: where is egypt today. >> it's very hard to know. as you mentioned, field marshall has likely to become the next president. he's the general who ousted egypt's first democratically elected president mohamed morsi of the muslim brother brotherh. he was embraced as a hero and he was promising stability when he ousted president morsi. right now, i think that promise looks very remote. most of the factors that contributed to the original upris
on the protestor. victoria is a member of the self-defense units. >> i won't forget the faces of the friends facing the police. we had no weapons just stones. i didn't think that the police would kill ewe cranians. viktor yanukovich is gone and we are learning more. >> just before leaving the estate, the aides through the documents into the river. there are people diving into the freezing cold trying to retrieve all of the documents they can. >> about 40,000 documents are moved to a guest house by a group of journalists and sifting through them and making them available online for everyone to see. many more are drying in the sauna. some of the documents reveal a lavish life style and taste for expensive furniture. others detail transactions through a web of shadowed companies and a bank belonging to viktor yanukovich's son. >> we are so excited and then admonished and shocked by the numbers and the names we found in the documents and the company's names in the documents. >> per happens the most shocking is this one, to the extent he was willing to go to crack down on the protestor. deplayin
by ukraine's riot police. she is a member of one of the self defense unit that are protecting the square. >> the image i will never forget are the faces of friends facing riot police. we were a small group and the police three times bigger. we had no weapons, just stones and molotov cocktails. i didn't think the police would kill ukrainians. >> victoria was wounded when a hand grenade handed next to her. now that yanukovych is gone, ukrainians are getting to know more on the men victoria helped to overthrow. >> just before leaving, the aid threw the documents in the river. there are still people diving in the freezing cold water trying to retrieve every single document they can. >> about 40,000 documents have been moved to a guest house by a group of ukrainian journalists who are sifting through them and making them available on line for everyone to see. many more are still drying in the sauna. some of the documents reveal a lavish lifestyle and a taste for expensive furniture. others detail transbackses through a web of shadow companies and a bank belonging to yanukovych's son, alexande
's defense budget is about 18 times that of ukraine but nato should restart talks on providing assurances to countries like poland including perhaps building the missile defense system that was abandoned. in economic terms, washington and the eu should consider sanctions that would be effective. ones targeted specifically at individuals who could be held responsible for acts of aggression against ukraine. washington cannot stop vladimir putin as he creates facts on the ground in crimea. but step back and consider what a strategic disaster this is for him. ukraine has slipped out of russia's orbit and most of the population there is going to be hostile toward russia for generations. countries like poland that had eased up relations with moscow will view it with great suspicion. all european countries will put their relations with russia under review. even china will surely oppose the brazen violation of national sovereignty, something beijing has is always concerned about. within russia people have seen that putin is terrified of a democracy movement and will brutally oppose it, not really
clinic. secretary of the defense chuck hagel defended the proposal budget presented on the hill bringing military spending down by $400 billion. by 2015. but hagel said the cuts will not effect the military's ability to protect the united states. >> meeting our national security needs under constrained budgets. we focus on the balance. the balance that will be required to bend this country going forward. after more than a decade of long large stability operations we exchange the capacity to modern indication capabilities as we shift to focus on future requirements. these are shaped by enduring and emerging threats. >> well, ground forces will see the most cuts but the new budget protects investments into new technologies, vehicles. one of those projects is the joint striker fighter. but the program is way over budget so the military's plans are being scaled back. >> reporter: the joint strike fighter better known as the f 35 is supposed to be all things to all branches of the u.s. military. able to evade military radar, capable of super sonic speed and being able to land and take off lik
. they are going around with the self defense unit, and then you have throughout the day groups of people who are protesting, waving the russian flag, and they will protect russian interests wherever they are in the world. parallel to that you have the politics going on. the regional prime minister started the day saying they have taken temporary control of the military, the navy and police and also called on those commanders who did not want to follow his order to just leave their positions, and then he said that he announced that the referendum that was initially set for may 25th which was the same day as the national presidential election is now brought forward to march 30th. now in that referendum he will ask the people of crimea whether they want more autonomy from kiev. one might wonder what more they want. what they do want they do have autonomy in the budget, how to spend it. they have autonomy in matters of education, health, agriculture. but what seems to be happening at the moment that he's going to be asking whether they want to take orders from kiev any more, he'll ask people if
that that is the prime minister, the acting president, the defense minister, that ukrainian troops are now in full combat readiness. they are desperate to seek a political solution but they said that any further intervention by moscow in crimea, about 800-kilometers south of the capital here in kiev, risked eventual war. the prime minister, the ukrainian prime minister spoke to his opposite number in moscow and he said that he had been told that there was no decision to bring troops in to ukraine just the possibility of military action on ukrainian territory. that's the way the ukrainians are interpreting, not reassuring one would think to the leadership here in key every. as you say, they are relatively inexperienced, but i think what they are hoping most is that a diplomatic political solution can be found because we saw on saturday some violent scenes in town on his the east of ukraine where, of course, there is also pro moscow sympathy. and they attacked pro european demonstrators, dragged them from the building they had been occupying and perhaps one of kiev's worst fears is that the mood, the pro m
, the defense chief. >> because of our correct tactics and our people refusal to surrender. ththe blitz by putin has failed. >> another shrine to those gunned down on the alleged orders of former president viktor yanukovych. tim friend, al jazeera, kiev. >> the unfolding events in ukraine and russia are been playing out on tv screens across the globe. but according to many media analysts some of the reports in russia are anti-ukraine propaganda. >> reporter: the world according to the kremlin played out each night on news broadcasts with a familiar loop on the sound track. the leadership of ukraine's interim government is made up of you will from a national fascists, near nazis and radicals from the west near bent on corruption. >> what the public sees is the picture in which fascist gangs seized tower in kiev. they are dangerous. they are jeopardized the livelihood of hours, russian speakers, compatriots, you however it is put, and russia is coming to save these people. >> reporter: in my opinion the blood spilt in kiev are on the hands of western politician who is are coming to mee
and hezbollah's efforts to destabilize the region. state and defense department officials testified at the hearing which also covered the refugee crisis caused by the one million syrian refugees who now live in lebanon. this is just under two hours. >> i want to call this meeting of the senate foreign relations committee, the subcommittee on the near east, and central asian affairs to order. i want to welcome all who are here, especially our four expert witnesses who we'll hear testimony from today. the senate is currently in the middle of a vote on a veterans' bill that will take a bit of time, but i want to take advantage of folks being here. we will proceed to a first panel and then a second panel with questions, and this is a very important topic. the topic of the hearing today is lebanon at the crossroads. i just returned from a trip in lebanon last week with senator angus king of maine. we went together because we served together on -- serve together on armed services and budget committees, but i'm on the foreign relations committee, and senator king's on the intelligence comm
the crisis. defense secretary hagel takes heat up on capitol hill but says the u.s. is suspending military exercises with russia and will step up training with poland's military. we have full coverage beginning with our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto here tw latest. jim? >> i think you could say today we saul the full yin and yang of the u.s. policy response to the crisis in crimea. on the other side, secretary of defense chuck hagel demonstrating the u.s. commitment to its nato allies with the deployment of some aircraft and the cancellation-of nato contacts with russia. on the diplomatic side, we saw the opening of a diplomatic path to solving the crisis, the so-called off ramp u.s. officials have mentioned before, still undefined, kerry said, but a start. >> reporter: u.s. and russian diplomats face to face for the first time since the start of the crisis in crimea. secretary of state john kerry said they are now negotiating a diplomatic path to ending it. >> we are committed to working with russia. together with our friends and allies in an effort to provide a way fo
not russian soldiers but self defense forces. those same forces have been involved in this tense stand-off with ukrainian troops at an air base in crimea. warning shots were fired as the careeni ukrainians asked for access to their planes. >> standing by for us live in crimea. lawrence, pretty tense-looking stand-off there. tell us more about it >> reporter: well, yes, it was. in many ways, it was the exact opposite of what people have feared might happen overnight because these reports of the russians giving the careukraini until 5:00 o'clock local time to surrender or they were going to storm their basis. >> never happened. >> hasn't happened anywhere. in this one place and only in this one place, this troop of ukrainian sold soldiers tried to get in and they walked singing their national anthem and carrying the ukrainian and the soviet flag toward the russians. the translation, you can hear some of the soldiers being angry. in the background, the shots are fired over their heads. their commander at the front said, "stoy," be quiet. the russians said you are provoking us and they sai
are in the top 10. new york claimed the vote defensive title for north america, but fell to 26 overall. paris charges the highest average price for a liberal natural -- liter of petrol. the french capital is beholden to the cheapest bottles of wine. benjamin netanyahu is readying his speech to the biggest row israel lobby in washington. president told u.s. barack obama he will never compromise on israel posse purity. israel's security. the u.s. president hiked up the pressure, saying it would be harder to protect israel if these efforts with the palestinian's failed. meeting face-to-face coming yards and to make the decisions needed to salvage the peace process. >> some decisions are going to have to be made, but i know that the prime minister will make those decisions based on his estimate of israel's security. >> he said it was for the palestinians to deliver. >> they have uprooted entire settlements. released hundreds of terrorist prisoners, including dozens of -- israel has been doing its part. the palestinians have not. >> new settlement building and the west bank doubled last year, and
, that the troops occupying much of the region are not russian, but local. >> ( translated ): regarding the self-defense forces created by the people of crimea, we do not have any power over them, they do not listen to our orders. >> ifill: lavrov also declined to meet with ukraine's acting foreign minister. he said there would be further discussions in days to come. meanwhile, in crimea itself, u.n. special envoy robert serry was forced to abandon his mission there after his car was surrounded and he was threatened by a pro-russian crowd. new trouble cropped up elsewhere as well. pro-russian activists stormed and re-took a government building in the eastern city of donetsk, only hours after being ejected. there's been no talk of any american military action in ukraine, but defense secretary chuck hagel told a senate hearing that the pentagon is taking other steps. >> i earlier this week directed the d.o.d. to suspend all military to military engagements and exercises with russia. also this morning the dod is pursuing measures to support our allies, including stepping up joint training through our aviat
a site near the border with south korea. that's according to south korea's defense ministry. the north has fired short-range missiles into the sea of japan in the past during military exercises. >>> this morning, millions of you in the west are facing back-to-back winter storms. rain is falling across california, but a more powerful storm is on the way. it could unleash dangerous mudslides and flooding. kara finnstrom is in the san gabriel valley city of glendora east of los angeles. kara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to everyone here in the west. here in california, when it rains it pours. you can see some of the thousands of sandbags behind me here, which have been made for residents who are shoring up their homes. glendora was recently hit by a wildfire, and so, this area is particularly vulnerable right now to mudslides and to flooding. so residents here getting ready for that. they say they are preparing as best they can. the first of two california storms hit san francisco wednesday, soaking the bay area with as much as 2 inches of rain before heading
self defense and stop protecting the rights of the russian speaking minority and resisting terrorists. but he added most and would only use force announced results it was new for now there is no need to use military force in ukraine southern region of crimea. russia has the option to do so yet. corzine paying down the threat of immediate invasion. he's keeping his options and ten. these russian warships steaming coffee stand alone on their way to crimea often and it's the most when he's not about to die down. of course you sent us to hold small brush and the two vessels on to the new clean sheets. needing to come down to the team is in control. the cowboys after class went to heal them are standing by in kiev as the sea of a misty and shrubs in kiev get it. the deal he's going to be told him to need as was the kremlin has said it does not recognize what it can be hoping to achieve getting used to that as i say it is a tell it anymore he told me she didn't end up not about now like status within the pasta alla he was in this area of the sled pay off his feet to the protests that he was
reserves to himself the right to intervene militarily at any time anyplace in ukraine, not just in defense of rugs, but also in defense of ukraineens. that's essentially a cart blanche to invade any country. >> saying he reserves the right to protect his people as if ukraine is still part of the old soviet union. >> putin has never like so many other russian elites accepted the legitimacy of an independent ukraine and he as far as he's concerned doesn't even consider ukrainians to be a separate people. essentially, he's marching in to defend his own. he also said and this is absolutely shocking, that he is "not worried by war." no leader other than adolf hitler and perhaps the ruler of north korea would say that kind of thing in today's world. >> should we be worried about vladimir putin's mental capacities or are we seeing a situation where some suggest we are looking at a russian leader who is isolated and insulated and only speaks to people who tell him what he wants to hear? >> i think it's both. clearly he is insulated, isolated, although at the same time, do keep in mind the russian
has been widely speculated to run for the presidency. he must vacate the position of defense minister in order to run. this week an army backed government made the surprise announcement that it resigned en masse. staying in egypt, a court sentenced 26 people to death this thursday. according to judicial sources they were conveyed it of plotting attacks on ships passing through the suez canal. reports say the defendants were try out -- tried in apps and shia. violence is been on the increase in egypt over the recent years, in particular an islamic -- hasncy has grown up swelled up. expelled three venezuelan this look -- did lament in response to similar action against u.s.-backed and. venezuela's president nicolas maduro expelled three american diplomats february 17 singing it was supporting opposition plots to overthrow him. the development comes after the venezuelan government gets ready to host an international peace conference to address antigovernment unrest. >> a press conference -- and heay, with capriles said he did not want to turn up, did not want to show his face to nicolas
call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. suppressing politicalws opposition, minorities and journalists. and before begin a look at my jail colleagues, you had one more comment on this report? one particular area is the longest recipient of u.s. aid israel is treated with kid gloves when it comes to the israeli occupation. how dominant the power of the military occupation is. the over recipient of major aid in the area is egypt, and right now, al jazeera journalists are being held by the interim government there. what are these arrests and the determination do go ahead tell you about the state of play for press freedom in egypt. >> this is a vermont case, because we have known -- they have had them for a number of years. but this is the first case we have seen where they detained four journalists. and it's a very serious case, and it really signals that the commitment by press freedom is nil, there's no commitment right now. and unformingly much of that has been erased. >> own societies w
doing massachusetts. the same day that massachusetts came out, this court decided environmental defense versus duke which decided -- even when a defined term is construed a particular way, it doesn't mean the same term can be construed differently where context -- cannot be construed differently where context requires. that is why massachusetts, after indeed holding that the definition of pollutant included greenhouse gases, didn't go there -- stop there. it asked whether applying it to the title ii provisions on motor vehicles would yield extreme measures or counterintuitive results. only then did they direct the epa to apply the definition. they understood that the literal definition of pollutant was sufficiently broad that it should not be applied without some additional analysis of the context of the provisions. >> what else does it cover other than the -- mobile vehicles? >> there are multiple places where it appears in the act. they have interpreted the words, any air pollutant to mean any subset of the pollutants that this definition -- >> that is because the section that it is i
in bangkok, she was forced to work from the defense ministry's compound ever since protestors laid siege to her offerses in early january. >> she said she is avoiding a chronfronteddation, but there is already a confrontation. some call it a low intensely civil war. >> some of your supporters are talking about taking to the streets. would you encourage this? >> the protests are illegal and as long as we will be under the democracy ways. >> she can still rely on the support of the people in the rural north. they brought her to office in 2011 and kept her brother, the former prime minister in office for many years before military coup deposed him in 2006. the opposition says it wants to get rid of what it calls the taxing regime. her supporters have promised not to allow that to happen. the problem now is that there is a potential for a violent showdown. >> aljazeera continues to demand the release of its staff held in egypt. they have enough spent 62 days in prison, accused of having links with a terrorist organization and spreading false news. aljazeera rejects the charges. another aljaz
authorities to rethink how they deal with the so-called self defense groups. while the mexicans formerly tried to disarm them, they changed tactics. now they're working with the vigilantes, and at this point it is an arrangement that works out. arrested one of the knights templar, eltio, who wouldn't have been caught without information from the self defense groups. now the army is further legitimizing theville vigilante groups. >> if they are with us not against us, all these months that have been coming back they haven't been fully with us. we now worry about us getting disarmed out in operations and that kind of thing. now the government with us, who is going to disarm us? good the road po to peace in micuacan won't come easy. this is a war they say that's already gone on far too long. david mercer, al jazeera, qualkaman, mexico. >> coming up next on "america tonight," paralyzed, the medical mystery alarming parents and puzzling the doctors. what's behind this polio like illness that's putting children at risk. while you were asleep news was happening. >> here are the stories we're followin
outside the defense ministry to demonstrate their opposition to the action in ukraine. about 100 protestors were detained when they refused to clear the street. >> if it does come down to armed conflict, how do ukraine and russia's military forces compare? the russian army has 285,000 soldiers, more than four times as many soldiers as ukraine's with 64,750. russia has twice as many tanks, 2,150, compared to 1,110 for ukraine. russias air force has 1,389 combat capable aircraft to ukraine's 221. that's five times as many. when it comes to the navy, russia has 116 surface vessels to 11 for ukraine and 64 submarines, ukraine just one. while the number of personnel in ukraine's navy including naval infantry 16,950, russia can count on 150,000 of whom 11,000 are based in crimea itself. >> with me now is defense analyst chris. we've heard a lot of figures there. i think we get the gist, russia has got to lot more to play with than ukraine does. for ukraine, from this period of turmoil, how ready are they for russia. >> >> it's a very young government and putin is already exploiting tha
under the watch of russian soldiers, but when self-defense units arrive, the ukrainians fall in. so a pass of the military storm. in the crimeian port this soldier said none of his team would vow allegiance. >> translator: nobody at the base wants to switch sides to an illegal government. >> reporter: the russian mainland is just 4.5 kilometers another standoff of courts. some volunteers security staff guard the parliament. now we do have similar standoffs without the warning shots around many bases in this area. wherever you go you have this pattern of russian soldiers stationed outside, and the ukrainians holding ground inside. now if russia's intention was to take over all of these bases at least as the regional go hopes until the referendum, it seems that that is not going to be -- happen easily, it seems the ukrainians, even though they they don't want to fight, they will not leave those bases if they are forced to. >> thank you very much for getting us up to date. russian president vladimir putin says he hopes russia doesn't have to use force. but he has again denounced what h
defense budget, increasing it by 12.2%. its military funding second only to the united states. the u.s. announced it would shrink its military, reducing troop numbers, $496 billion. at 114 billion. the budget pales in comparison. it will increase that to $132 billion, on top of a 10% increase in military spending. that budget announcement. protesters outside the conference were quickly driven away. rob mcdried is in tena man square. >> this meeting is important nonetheless as a sounding board for the current administration. the delegates are listening to this, the work reports delivered by the premier, outlaying what the chinese leader has been up to, what it will do, and the deepening, economic and social reforms which are important to china's protests, as it continues forward with liberalizing the economy, reducing power of the state mon ol lis and putting -- mon op lis and putting into power those sources of social discontent. and tackling china's growing pollution problem. underpinning china's importance, outlining the military spending. that surprised some people. china would ar
laden the defense lawyer for him, he said this is not osama bin laden, this is a muslim, arab, a kuwaiti, a father. he challenged the prosecutor t o prove that his words harbored terrorists. >> my client has plead--our client has plead not guilty. not a member of any conspiracy. he engaged in no illegal activity. now it's up to the government to prove it. i've been in some places at 3:00 in the morning hanging with some people, and god for bid if i was on video i would be in trouble the next day. >> referring that lots of government evidence is in the form of pictures and videos of the defendant allegedly appearing in those videos and pictures along side osama bin laden and the current leader of al-qaeda. now the case under way today is expected to last all of march and a little bit into april. >> all right, j.t. john terrett for us. >>> the c.i.a. under allegations of spying on the government. the c.i.a. and the committee have battled over the controversial program. >>> in west virginia, a link to the chemical spill in the state it comes after a major ban in the use of water there, but
-- we will be live from the brookings institution. they will be talking about u.s. defense policy. at 10:30 a.m. eastern. later in the day, over on c-span3, county officials from around the country will gather for their annual legislative conference in washington dc will include shaun donovan, and the west virginia senator. that will be underway live at 1:30 p.m. eastern >> year in and year out, they choke to death on the barren land. their homes were nightmares of swirling dust, night and day. many went ahead of them. but many state. until hope was gone. >> this weekend on american history tv's railamerica, the 1936 u.s. resettlement documentary, the plow that broke the plane, the history of the great plains region, today at 4:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >> it is a technique you hope will improve -- a technique and -- in campaign fundraising. >> i do not think that is any of your business. [laughter] reagan hadour of less to do with his hollywood roots, per se. it was not the glamour of hollywood exactly. it did have something to do with his skills and the grace he acquired as an actor.
out of the west stands by what he calls a legitimate defense russia's interests front of the first remarks since the ouster of ukraine's president of moscow's use to you. ukrainian cancel out the specific afp us secretary of state calls russia stands an act of aggression. he's worried about things for them dressed in eastern ukraine washington back in the ukrainian authorities to the billion dollar aid. and in other news cairo bands hamas has activities on so well this is the head of egypt's on the drops his strongest hint yet that is running for prez. all are sure has put a military maneuvers across its border on hold. there's been the first talks between unity government says ukraine and russia high level contacts the announcement coming by ukraine's prime minister art sydney. he gets a new hours after a surprise press conference by vladimir putin the russian president's first pronouncements since the pair were twenty second ouster of ukraine's president viktor yanukovich. they use in weekend that preceded the smallest especially the eastern regions of ukraine and people that au
these self-defense forces. who are they kidding? russian soldiers with no unit identification does not qualify them as self-defense forces. if the world stands by and let's this happen it will be like chamberlain in the sudan land, russia continues to gobble up sovereign state. i want to applaud the ukrainian commander who was the only calm when he e peninsula, marched his soldiers to the airbase to continue the job that they do in securing and fixing the facilities. it was a tough standoff, but the colonel was astonished by the change of events in that the -- in that he's had such a great working relationship with the russian military over the years, and obviously this relationship no longer resides in the relationship between ukraine and russia. on september 4-5 of this year the next nato summit will be held in south wales. i call on what they should have done in the last summit. nato must offer membership action plan to those aspirational countries those that are moving toward democracy, freedom and rule of law. they need to grant membership action plans to ukraine, georgia and
, but will it be enough to make vlad blink? well, the foundation for the defense of democracies, followed all the shenanigans at the u.n. and my argument is, when you follow what's been happening to the paper wealth of vladimir putin and a lot of our buddies, they've been losing money hand over fist or ruble over -- whatever. and that's what's going to hit them when they realize they're getting hit in the wallet. you're not so sure. >> i'm not so sure, neil. this is a long day. look, back -- 20 years ago, i was working at "the wall street journal's" bureau chief in moscow, watching this stuff close up. and even then, russian had ambitions, reassembling the old empire. and i think putin has many reasons to believe that this will subside, that if he can ride out this immediate reaction, the u.s. and the west, generally, will come his way and there actually won't really be much of a penalty. there's precedent for that. >> you've seen the market stabilize, to your point. and maybe he sees in that, that the world's calming down. but inherent in that argument is that he doesn't do anything crazy. n
that with the newly appointed secretary of the national security and defense counsel. he asked about the growing tensions with russia. >> yes, i am worried about it. also, the capture of the government in crimea by units which were sent by russia from moscow. from russia, we see a very aggressive method of carrying out politics towards ukraine. we could observe their attempts to divide ukraine or take crimea. >> with the tension in the crimea region of ukraine, would you call for nato support against russia if required? >> yes, for sure. we think we are owed from the united states and britain. nato is a guarantee of safety in the black sea region. of course, we are sure about nato. it has already been announced that they have your -- their own vision and will not allow the russian federation to create conflict. >> from kiev to washington, what got president obama and vice president biden running around the white house? we will tell you. the chairman of microsoft wants you to join him on the cloud. his exclusive interview "lunch money." hiser on thank you -- inclusive interview later on "lunch mo
the barricades. they were self-defense forces there in the helmets and determined to guard the square. but quite clear that they are there for the long term. >> ukraine's newly installed cabinet is trying to work how to solve the economic crisis. the new prime minister is saying thech to work with the international fund and claims of widespread corruption. loans of $37 billion going missing. that is $2 million more than the country needs to avoid a default. australia is tying up the funds and swiss is looking into money laundering. i spoke the andrea smith. i asked him about what money laundering means in this instance. >> what it actually means, means a ruler of the country and in way or another has misappropriated assets that belong to the country or the people of the country and then brought by possible ways out of the country and stashed them in a foreign bank. >> so swiss is freezing the assets in any way associated with viktor yanukovich, and then how are they going to investigate these? >> the list that the federal council has and the banks to determine if they have accounts of persons on
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